Acts 2:1-111
Corinthians 12:3B-7, 12-13
John 20:19-23

During the month of May we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, the end of the Easter season, but it is important that we not forget the celebrations of only a few weeks ago. The Easter Triduum through Pentecost placed us at the heart of all Christian belief and practice. What do these important days say to us now? Next month?  Six months from now?   

Hopefully, each of us will remember that we relived once again the Passion, Death and Resurrection in a very personal way during Lent and Easter time, that we were touched by the cost of our redemption and filled with the joy offered in Resurrected New Life. What do we do to keep that experience alive? Do we reflect in our daily lives that we are Easter people, women and men of New Life?

Hopefully, too, we learned from the experience of the two disciples as they journeyed to Emmaus who were not aware that the Risen Jesus was in their midst. It was only when they heard the words of scripture explained to them and when they invited Jesus into their own home and broke bread together that they recognized that Living Presence. How do we keep that Living Presence in our homes and our own hearts? How hospitable are we to guests and to those with whom we live?

Pentecost calls us to say yes once again to the Spirit of God who dwells within and among us as individuals and as members of the people of God. The Spirit is alive, dynamic and creative. We need to go deep within our hearts to listen to the urgings of the Spirit calling us to experience New Life. We need to pray and share our lived experience of faith together to recognize the Spirit’s activity and creativity among us. What form will New Life take for each of us?  

Just like the disciples were transformed by tongues of fire, we are called to be transformed as well. When we live by the Spirit, our lives help others around us grow closer to Christ. This is our baptismal and confirmation role in life. In addition, living in the presence of the Holy Spirit helps us through life’s challenges, helps us learn from them, and helps us grow in our capacity to love God and people around us in ways we couldn’t do otherwise.

Yes, let us continue to celebrate these feasts and the realities they signify. Let us continue to consciously experience the Living Presence and the creative New Life offered daily to each of us. Let us be able to say at the end of each day this month and in the months to come, “Were not our hearts burning within us!”  

Has the Holy Spirit been part of your spiritual life? If no, why?

In what ways will you keep the spirit of Easter alive and active in your life?

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  1. Geri Mulligan says:

    Happy Peontecost. And thanks

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