Palm Sunday

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Is 50:4-7
Lk 22:14—23:56
Phil 2:6-11

Sunday is called Palm or Passion Sunday and is the beginning of Holy Week that culminates with Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday.  These three days are the highlight of the Church year. There are two gospels for Palm Sunday. The first tells us of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The second is our gospel reading for this Sunday’s liturgy. It is a very long reading because it is the story of the Passion of our Lord. It tells us a very important truth: Jesus died for us. He died for each and every one of us. Have you ever really thought about this – that Jesus died for you? Are you grateful for this wonderful act of love?

The following words are a good image of what we might think about during this important week.

During Holy Week we are invited to journey with Jesus. We are called to face our own contradictions with God. What is hidden from our eyes? If God is all-powerful, why does God permit war, disease, and poverty? If God is all-knowing, why does God allow children to be born to parents who will abuse them? Why does God never answer our whys? During Holy Week, the king of creation rides into our lives on a donkey and then dies on a cross. This is absurd! Can there be any doubt that God expresses power and knowledge in ways that are most often beyond our comprehension?

When we peel back the layers of pain and suffering of Holy Week, we will find a God whose almighty power and knowledge is love. We find a God who weeps for us when we are blind to the reality of our situation. We find a God who in humility serves us. We find a God who, out of love, forgives us “for we know not what we do.” By the end of Holy Week, we have stripped Jesus of all of his titles. Jesus is not the Lord that we want. Jesus is not the savior that we want. And Jesus is not the king that we want. But with God, we do not get what we want; we get what we need. In the end, God is love.  (The Rev. Sarah D. Odderstol – St. Mary’s Episcopal Church)

How will you make this Holy Week special as you realize the great cost of Jesus’ death for you?

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  1. Mary Ann King says:

    The miracle of Easter is The Resurrection ! Without the Crucifixtion there would be no Easter.
    I wish we Catholics were more of a “ Resurrection people “….more joyful, more inviting,
    more assured in God s great love for us.


    1. Hopefully your wish will be true for many people the following Sunday when we celebrate Easter and the resurrection.

      On Fri, Apr 8, 2022 at 10:34 AM Angela For Today wrote:



  2. Carol says:

    This is my favorite Holiday!!! I love Resurrection. It is,a time all things come ALIVE. Birds, bees, grass, leaves animals, people and the list goes on. I believe ALL things GOOD and BAD are our or mines BLESSINGS. Like US and Jesus wasn’t given the Best of things but sometimes worst of things! We learn from all of that and grow and learn and Holy week Jesus taught us that and thru life we should forever remember that. Chose life after even the BAD and go forward. GOD thru Jesus taught us Huge Blessings!!! Holy week we should reflect on this. I love HOLY week and Easter…… Thank you Jesus.


    1. You have real reason to celebrate next Sunday!


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