Poetry: Seeking God In My Deepest Being

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

In my deepest being I desire you, Creator God;
I long for your presence in my life.
How real the grandeur of Creation
the beauty of music
the creativity of art
Are you the mystery that brings it into being?
How real the intimacy between two friends
the soul to soul sharing
the hearts burning within
Are you the spirit that initiates such feelings?
How real the ability to question and reason
to grasp subtleties
reach new insights
enjoy humor
Are you the light that enlightens our minds?
Would that I could take the leap of faith
from my human experiences
to the deeper mystery
of the unexplainable!
Would that I could recognize the reality
of my human experiences
as a movement toward
meeting the transcendent!
Would that I could ignore the mind
and move to a deeper level
going within to my core and find you there!

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  1. Barbara McLean says:

    I just love all your posts and am saving them up for my next Retreat. God bless you. Although I live in the Caribbean, my Community have been holding all you who live in the USA in prayer over the past 4 years and will continue, hoping the transition touches “the soul of America”

    Sister Barbara McLean, osu

    [image: Image result for peace]


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you have a wonderful retreat whenever that occurs. Do appreciate the prayers. The next four years have to be better because they could not be worse than the last four!


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