The Holy Trinity

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If we were in any library or bookstore, we would find many books considered to be mysteries.  The same is true if we looked through the TV Guide. Many of the TV shows are in the category of mystery. In both the books, and the TV show, we usually find the mystery to be solved by the end of the book, or by the end of the TV show. Real life is not always like this. There are many mysteries in our lives that we have no answer for. Why do some people have certain health problems, and yet some of their friends and family members who are older are healthy and active? Why is there cancer or Alzheimer’s disease in our world? These are mysteries that we have no answer to, and we sometimes become frustrated when we continually want an answer.

Each year we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity, June 7th this year. When we read the gospels, we find Jesus calling God his Father. Jesus often spoke about the Father who promised to send us the Holy Spirit. Here we find three persons, and yet we have one God. How can this be? Well, we call this a mystery. We can’t know how this is possible. We can only accept it on faith. Being able to embrace mystery can have a significant impact on effective and happy living. Always wanting certainty is futile and often leads to unhappiness.

It is much more realistic for all of us to accept the fact that there are things and persons that we will never understand. They will always remain mysteries. In spite of knowing that some things remain mysterious, we should never stop trying to learn more about them. This is also true about the mystery of our Creator God, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We should also try to continually learn to know ourselves better. None of us is a finished product and neither is anyone around us. We are responsible only for our own growth. We can encourage others to grow and support them. So instead of trying to explain, or control people and situations around us, we can love them, just as they are, and leave it at that. Humans have more need for faith than for all the facts or answers.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all our deeds, that is, all our thoughts, words and actions each day were done because of our deep, intimate relationship with our Triune God? There would be no mystery as to why we act the way we do. It would be clear that God is the center of our lives. It’s no mystery to know that a deep relationship with God takes work. It takes time for personal and communal prayer. It takes times for scripture and reflection. It takes time to put that relationship into practice on a daily basis. It takes faith to believe that God truly loves us and is present to us.

All of this helps us accept mystery in whatever form it takes.

What helps you to accept mystery in your life?

Is the Trinity part of your prayer life?

In what way do you have a relationship with the Trinity?

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