Angela: Model for Today

Veni Angela, sung by Beaumont Voices of Harmony

January 27th is the feast day of Angela Merici, foundress of the Ursulines. 

When one looks at the life of Angela Merici we see a woman who would be considered extraordinary in any time or culture.  She was a woman of the earth coming from a family of farmers and yet she was comfortable in cities large and small.  She was a woman of great simplicity and yet people of influence and wealth sought her advice.  She was a deeply contemplative woman who also knew the ways of the world and acted when called upon for assistance.  She was a woman of deep prayer who practiced frequent fasting but warned her daughters not to do anything that would be harmful to their bodies.  She was independent in thought and action yet placed herself at the foot of the cross, seeking only to do the will of God.  She was uneducated but her counsel was sought far and wide.  She was a listener and reconciler for others and yet she would take a stand when asked to do something against her principles.  She was a risk taker who also believed in stability within the company.  Angela focused on the welfare of women but men assisted her in her ministry.  Angela was a woman who made a difference in her world.   She was aware of the needs of her time and yet she founded a company to live and minister into the future.  Angela made a significant difference in her world.  How are you making a difference in yours?

[You are to] have hope and strong faith in God:
He will help you with everything.
Pray to Him.
Show humility under His great power
because, without a doubt,
having entrusted you with such a task,
[whatever that task may be]
God will also give you the strength to carry it through,
provided that you will not fail to do your share.

do your best,
have hope,
cry out to God with all your heart,
and, without a doubt,
you will see wonderful things,
as everything will turn
to the praise  and glory
of God’s Majesty
and to the good of all the souls.

May you enjoy the sung prayer of Veni Angela performed by the Beaumont Voices of Harmony.

Veni Angela, sung by Beaumont Voices of Harmony

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  1. Margaret Medved says:

    Beautiful…Happy Feast of St Angela to all the Ursulines !


  2. Ellen says:

    Reading about Angela Merci is inspiring.
    So applicable to women today. It wasn’t an easy time for women, considering Joan of Arc died just 50 years earlier.

    I’m curious, I’ve not ve not heard of “Company of St. Ursula”. Is the Ursuline order a part of the company?

    Liked having text and music.


    1. Thanks. Glad you’re following.

      On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 7:58 AM Angela For Today wrote:



    2. Thanks again for following and your support.


  3. Elaine Berkopec says:

    Thank you so much. I am always amazed at how such a down-to-earth woman was so ahead of her times. She had the Spirit-given gift of interpreting Scripture, a rarity at any time, but even more so during her era. Thank you for your reflection.


  4. Mary Dwyer-Kueller says:

    I will be remembering Angela by announcing her feast and using her words for prayer over the PA on Monday at Magnificat!


    1. Thanks for keeping those Ursuline links!

      On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 3:45 PM Angela For Today wrote:



  5. Kathee Sterbenz says:

    The music brought with it fond memories and your words and Angela’s are a reminder of what every Christian is to aspire. Thank you, Maureen.


  6. Brenda Ferreira, osu says:

    Angela´s example and inspiration keeps us going during hard times in Caracas, Venezuela.


    1. Thank you for following my blog. Blessings!

      On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 8:15 AM Angela For Today wrote:



  7. Barbara Margaret McLean says:

    Your blog is absolutely inspiring for women today. Thanks


    1. Thanks for being a fan of Angela and my blog. She is one great woman!

      On Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 8:18 AM Angela For Today wrote:



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