New Beginnings

At the end of each year I like to take time to thank God for all the blessings I’ve experienced during the past twelve months. I also look back over my lifetime to see the multitude of gifts I’ve experienced. I am always overwhelmed at God’s goodness. A variety of ministries has brought amazing people into my life. Beginning as an elementary school teacher, with moves to high school and to under graduate and graduate teaching at the college level I have learned more from my students than I could ever offer to them.

Being in leadership for the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland brought me to a far deeper love of my community and the sisters who lived their lives to the best of their abilities. Through struggles and good times we grew together.

An unexpected ministry was an invitation to be involved in health care with the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. For ten years I saw on a daily basis hospital administrators, foundation directors and other ministry leaders not only living the CSA mission but modeling and providing opportunities for their employees to do the same.

When I look back at all the graced moments mentioned above I am deeply grateful. In addition to these wonderful ministries, I have to admit that my favorite ministry was preaching retreats, offering days of reflection and sharing spirituality with many kinds of groups. I loved the interaction with the audiences. I can no longer do that ministry because of my hearing loss. I can no longer hear responses or have meaningful interaction with them. I believe God has a purpose for this loss.

So now I come to the reason for the title of this writing. 

The beginning of each New Year is usually the time people make resolutions to change their lives in some way.  Many stick to those self-made promises throughout the year but others fall by the wayside as efforts fail. I have experienced this in my life. Some resolutions have been life changing and challenging but others I let go of rather quickly for a variety of reasons. 

SO… my resolution for 2020 is to begin a blog so that I can continue to share spirituality with readers rather than with a live audience. I will post my writings every Friday. I hope and pray that something I write will prompt you to go deep within and come into closer contact with your loving God. A resolution can happen at any time. Please join me in committing to a deeper relationship with God.

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  1. sd7sue says:

    Congratulations, Maureen. So happy that you found a way to continue to share your wisdom with us.


  2. says:

    Very nice, Maureen. I look forward to reading your weekly blog.


    1. Thanks. The article on your ministry was wonderful. Congratulations.


  3. Florence Bolan says:

    Maureen, I am so proud to be your cousin, you are such an inspiration. I look forward to your weekly blog


  4. Marilyn Belevice says:

    You’re a blessing to me in so many ways , Maureen!!…


    1. Thanks Marilyn. The blessing is mutual! Would you share the blog with your many contacts as away to advertise the blog?

      On Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 10:33 PM Angela For Today wrote:



  5. Ellen Barnes Pfiffner says:



  6. Kathee Sterbenz says:

    One often does not have a chance to reconnect with inspiration. I’m looking forward to your sharing of Angela’ s wisdom for today. They were impressed on me by the example of my grade school Ursuline teachers and my lived experience at Villa Angela and Lander Road. Thank you for following this graced call to a new ministry.


  7. mflannery8 says:

    Welcome to the community of women religious bloggers, Maureen!! I loved this post. Keep it up.
    And may you have a new year full of promise and joy! Mary Ann Flannery, SC


  8. Thanks. Hope to see you while you are at Merici Crossings for retreat.


  9. Jean Rudmann says:

    Maureen, Your writing is an inspiration reminding me of the ups and downs of life but also of the gifts of love and joy that God has given to me thoughout my life. Looking forward to Friday’s.


    1. It’s friends like you who inspire me!


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